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The New Port Richey Police Department (NPRPD) recognizes the need for individual parties to seek law enforcement presence for safety and security reasons unrelated to the City. It isunderstood that this is a non-binding agreement and the NPRPD may cancel this request/detail without advance notice or cause at any time for such reasons as emergencies, inability to find an officer to work the event or other unforeseen circumstances. The NPRPD requires any requests for special detail (off-duty) of officers be for a minimum of two hours. Further, the scheduling of a detail shall hold the hiring party liable to pay compensation for the officer(s) for the full hours scheduled, even if they are released early by the hiring party. Furthermore, the hiring party shall also compensate the officer(s) for any additional hours worked beyond those originally scheduled. The requesting party will be accountable for the two hour minimum payment if they fail to notify the NPRPD of a cancellation by at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time.

TheNPRPD special detail rate per officer is $35.00/hour. If you need to hire an officer or wish further information, please contact Sergeant Erik Jay at (727) 232-8928 or by email at jaye@cityofnewportrichey.org

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